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This report details how you can be financially secure in as little as 12 months, if you will follow our system.

You will learn how to Earn a Realistic Income for Life within the Next 1 to 2 Years Working from Home

Some will Earn an Extra $2,235 per month
Most will Earn a Life Changing income of up to $22,235 per month
A Select FEW will Earn a GET RICH income of up to $199,697 monthly

How much do you need?





Over the next 1-2 years close to 79 million people will be EXACTLY where you are right now, looking for EXTRA INCOME from home.

Yes, this is lengthy. We want you to Know Everything about our System, so that You can Make the Right Decision to Get Started.

YOU are about to Discover How to Turn $55 per Month into $2,396,364 per Year!

Do Not Dismiss this as HYPE. It's 100% Mathematical Facts! Some will do as little as 50 Weeks.......while others will take up to 2 Years

Do Not let the Small Price fool you.
Dollar Stores are a BILLION DOLLAR Industry. Pay close attention as we give you Everything you need to Make an Informed Decision.

It’s ok.
Get EXCITED. This is Real.

If You want to create additional income from home, reading ALL of this Report will literally Save You Years of Frustration and Failure!



1)It takes 2 years of Community College Education to give you a potential of $34,000 to $44,000 annual Income.
2)It takes
4 years of University Education to give you a potential of $45,000 to $60,000 annual Income.
3)If you make $50,000 per year at your JOB, it would take you
40 YEARS to make $2M
4)Average Lawyer makes $100,000 per year after
7 years of University Education
5)Average Doctor makes $300,000 per year after
10 years of University Education.
6)With our System you can Make up to $2,396,364 yearly in the Next 1 to 5 Years...Working from Home

You Owe it to yourself to READ every word of this Report and then make your Choice! This is your Solution to all your financial problems. Now, you will Finally make money without  spending all your time working, working, working.

This System is Designed to Make You the Most Amount of Money, in the Least Amount of Time, With the Least Amount of Effort and Cost of Doing Business.
ALL for LESS than $2 a DAY!

Your SUCCESS is almost Guaranteed. Your Life is about to Change! No more Losing Money. No more Wasting your Valuable time
Your Success Starts here! Right Now.

We will show you EXACTLY how to Grow your Bank Account Faster than Ever, even while the Economy is Falling Apart.

Let’s take a Quick look at the
4 ways you can earn money

Employment– working long hours but money is usually never enough
Franchise– most people don’t have enough money to purchase one
Traditional Business– working long hours and plenty of money is needed to get started
Online Network Marketing– working short hours and small amount of money is needed to get started but with Exponential Rewards

For most people, Online Network Marketing is the one that makes the most sense. WHY?  Because you have No Boss to answer to, Low Start up cost, No employees, and most IMPORTANTLY you work from Home.  Network Marketing has created the most Millionaires in the last few years!

Don’t let the words Network Marketing scare you. Most people don’t know that this Industry has been a very successful method of Distributing products and services...over the last 70 years.

Former US President Bill Clinton endorses the Direct Selling Association, of which Network Marketing accounts for 95% of all its Sales. In 2018 that was $189 Billion.

Online Network Marketing
is the NEW Way to become Wealthy. In the past, it was those who had Masters Degrees, Doctors, Lawyers, High Powered CEOs, those who came from Rich Families, who became Wealthy...which was unattainable for most.

Things have Changed!
More Millionaires are being created through the use of the
Internet today than ever before; in particular, Online Network Marketing. Billionaires, like Warren Buffet, and Richard Branson, are involved in Network Marketing.

If you have tried any form of Network Marketing
you’re probably like the 90% who failed, but don’t worry it wasn’t your fault; you just weren’t told the Truth.


That the Secret To Success is Building
A LARGE Network.  Did you Get that?

Here are some Examples: Bill Gates…Billionaire What does he have…A LARGE Network

Warren Buffet…Warren Buffet…Billionaire What does he have…A LARGE Network

Mark Zuckerberg...
Billionaire What does he have…A LARGE Network

Oprah Winfrey...
Billionaire What does she have…A LARGE Network

And the list goes on…which includes Companies in your Neighbourhood...Grocery Stores, Clothing Stores, Gas Stations, Banks. They all have A LARGE Network (people in the Community)

This is no different…
we need to Build...A LARGE Network ...which is EASIER than you think.  However, YOU will NOT become a Billionaire...but a Millionaire is VERY Realistic.


Income as of 2018)
1) Dexter and Birdie Yager……..............$15,600,000 per year
2) Chanida and Nat Puranaputra....……$14,400,000 per year
3) Kim Hui…………..........................…...$10,200,000 per year
4) Igor Alberts and Andreea Cimbala…...$9,900,000 per year
5) Rolf Kipp……………….........................$9,600,000 per year
6) Chad and Nattida Chong….....……......$9,000,000 per year
7) Brian McClure…………….....................$8,400,000 per year
8) Barry Chi and Holly Chen............……..$6,000,000 per year
9) Jeff Roberti………………………...........$5,400,000 per year
10) Enrique and Graciela Varela...............$4,740,000 per year

What Do They ALL have in Common?………A LARGE Network

This is why Robert Kiyosaki, Best Selling Author and Multi Millionaire stated:

The Richest people in the World look for and Build NETWORKS

…Everyone else...looks for WORK


We have developed the Most Powerful Wealth Building System that will Create….....A LARGE Network……........for YOU

The best part is that the System is 100% TURN KEY. After a FEW Months…it actually RUNS BY ITSELF

The System will then DO ALL the work and YOU get ALL the Pay.
All YOU have to do is Register; then Follow Simple Directions to Get Others to Read what You are Reading…that’s the Marketing part of Network Marketing. Which is where the Internet comes in.

You don't have to be good at the System will do almost EVERYTHING for you. All you will Send Emails.

No guess work!

Let me ask you a few questions....

1) Are you serious about your Financial Future?

2) Are you willing to spend $55 per month to make as much as TWO MILLION DOLLARS in the Next 1 to 5 years?

3) Are you willing to follow some simple steps?

If so, then Finally!
ENJOY Life on Your Terms

…NO more Living Pay Check to Pay Check
…NO more Long Hours Away from Your Family
…NO more Public Housing
…NO more Credit Card Debts
…NO more Student Loan Payments
…NO more Car Loan Payments
…NO more Mortgage Payments
…DRIVE the Car you want to Drive
…LIVE in the Neighbourhood YOU want to live in

People from ALL walks of life are making thousands of dollars each month using this Simple yet Powerful System. Why not you?

The sad Truth is that you can’t rely on the Government to look after you. You can’t rely on your Boss, you can’t even rely  on the Banks. The Financial crisis showed how weak our whole financial system is. And how little Banks and Governments care about the ordinary person, like you and me.

So many people lost their jobs.
  Good people, honest workers who got crushed under the wheels of the ruthless corporate machine.

We need to learn from this.
You need to secure your own financial future and ensure that in times of crisis you have a safety net to fall back on.


Let’s be Truthful…

Who REALLY wants to work long hours, and get little pay, week after week, year after year? All you really want is the financial potential to make life better. Don’t YOU deserve it?

Thousands of people are Changing their lives using  the Internet every single day. Now it’s YOUR Turn! Because Working Harder doesn’t Guarantee You will make more money…And neither does Working Longer.

The TRUTH is
people who are RICH, don’t work nearly as Hard as the people making MINIMUM Wage.

There is a good reason for this…
...the RICH spend their time on things that produce the Most Amount of Profits...with the Least Amount of Work.

One way to do that is through LEVERAGE in your business, so you can get MORE done, and MORE results, from the same amount of EFFORT you are ALREADY doing.

Can you Spend 10 Minutes a day...doing this?

Send Enough people to Read what you are Reading, until you have AT LEAST 10 Paid Members…that’s 10 people Paying $55 a month
...That’s all you have to do!

And when your Prospects Register, that’s all they will have to do. Now you have Duplication and Leverage so you can finally have the Success You Deserve by Creating………....A LARGE Network.



Let Me Show You The Money



The First of 2 Income Streams within our System is GDI


To have a presence on the Internet You MUST have a Domain Name......A Domain name is the MAIN part of a Website Address. For example: WWW.yourFullName.COM is the Website address and is the Domain Name. There are over 1.9 BILLION Domain Names.

Imagine YOU were the one that provided all those Domain Names and you received $1 for each one...that would be $1.9 BILLION in YOUR pocket making YOU one of the RICHEST person in the World.

This is where
GDI comes in.
Global Domains International, Inc. (GDI or
Is the worldwide domain name registry for .ws(Dot WS) domain names

The $10 per month Product Package includes your own Domain Name, Hosting accounts, URL Forwarding, up to 10 Email accounts, plus an easy-to-use online WEBSITE Builder that will allow you to get a Professional looking website on the web within minutes.

If that wasn't enough for $10 a month...the world's most popular Blogging Software, WordPress is included, with up to 10GB of storage and Hosting of 5 different Blogs at once. GDI...has been around for OVER 20 YEARS, and placed #37 on the Inc. 500 "List" of the USA's 500 fastest growing Private Companies, in the 2002 issue of Inc. Magazine.


Most people don't know this...

GDI will pay to Infinity Levels Deep or until someone else qualifies, which means in the worst case you get paid down 6 levels.


Let's look at you referring 10 and they refer 10 and they refer 10 and so on down 6 levels...what would your income look like from just this one source...


at Level make $10 monthly

at Level 2.... you make $110 monthly

at Level 3.... you make $1,110 monthly

at Level 4.... you make $11,110 monthly

at Level 5.... you make $111,110 monthly

at Level 6.... you make $1,111,110 monthly


That's $13,333,320 yearly



The Second Income Stream within our System is Trafficwave



The Automation Software Industry is a $11.4 Billion market, and will Grow to $25 Billion Yearly by 2023.
Imagine YOU earned 1% of that market each Year? That's $114 Million yearly in YOUR pocket back in 2017!

This is where TrafficWave comes in. (TW) is operated by Hamney Roobright, Inc. located in Spring, Texas. Founded in the year 2000 by Brian Rooney and Stephen Hambright, develops and manages AutoResponder technology (Automation Software) for small and medium sized businesses in over 140 different countries.

Clients access TW web-based AutoResponder system 24/7 to manage and send newsletters, sales letters, special offers, and other important EMAIL communication to their subscribers.

TW AutoResponder runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, never calls in sick, never forgets, and doesn’t ask for a raise! It's the PERFECT Employee!

So Earning $2,396,364 YEARLY from these  2 Combined Very REALISTIC.

Let's once again use that figure of you referring 10 and assume that ONLY 10 others decide that they want to make money working from the comfort of their home, so they purchase TW Autoresponder and become a reseller/Affiliate.

Traffic Wave will pay you a $17.95 by way of Fast Track commission for each you would receive $179.95, let' say $180.

There are NO LIMITS to the amount of $18 Fast Track Bonuses you can receive...10 is just an example.

Traffic Wave then pays you a Residual (Monthly) Commission for each of those sales...$6 monthly for each of the first 3. Which means that after your first 3 sales, you have broken even Plus you will also receive $1 monthly on the remaining 7 sales for a monthly residual of $25...Not exciting...but it does get BETTER.

Those 10 will also make their own sales by using the same marketing system as you have and at least 10 others will Buy and become Re-Sellers/Affiliates...which means your network would have grown by 100 sales....WTHOUT you doing any additional work...TrafficWave will pay you $1 for these indirect sales. Therefore you would receive 100 x $1 = $100.

You just earned another $100 and now you are earning $125 Monthly.

This is the Leverage of Network Building we spoke about earlier...Are you catching the Vision?

Millions of Consumers and Businesses purchase these Products every month ..............Why not from you?


Our Marketing Vehicle


Most people fail at Network Marketing because they simply will not market.

Understanding that and to make the Ultimate Wealth System work exceptionally well we utilise the experts in Lead Generation, Fast Email Leads. Now this will cost $27 per month for the Bronze Membership, but it also comes with 25% Commissions.

You won’t get rich from these commissions, however with just 4 of the 10 people that will join you, you will break even. The Bronze membership will provide you with 450 leads per month, that’s 15 per day that you will email, using our email copy. This will take you about 10 minutes per day.


All YOU need to that ONE Simple Task


Then when Your System Makes a Sale...You Make the Money

Once you have your 10 associates, then it is up to you whether you want to persist with Fast Email Leads or not. After all, once you have acquired 4 associates, then your Fast Email Leads are covered by the commissions you will earn.

The question is how big do you want your network to grow?

Just one other point on marketing, you are free to do your own as well as utilising Fast Email Leads. That will just make the system work for you a little quicker.


The Ultimate Wealth System is not free. It comes with a one-time set up cost of $10. That really is only to cover the time it takes to set up your Report Pages and the Lead Capture Page and email series in your Traffic Wave Account.

Any questions that you or your pending associates have, that you are not comfortable answering, initially could be answered in our FAQ tab at the top of this page. If you cannot find the answers you seek, then drop an email to the admin team at


Get Started and Take the

In Your First 10 WEEKS...Work 10 Minutes a Find 10 others that will respond

Here is what will happen if...
Everyone completes the challenge

10 WEEKS...
You would have Earned $190
Your Business is Making YOU a PROFIT

20 WEEKS...You would be Earning $235 Monthly Your Business is Making YOU PASSIVE Income
30 WEEKS...
You would be Earning $2,235 Monthly That's $26,820 YEARLY Income
40 WEEKS...
You would be Earning $22,235 Monthly That's $266,820 Yearly LIFE CHANGING Income

50 WEEKS...You would be Earning $199,697 Monthly That's $2,396,364 Yearly GETTING RICH Income

How about that.....NUMBERS DON'T LIE


But We all know...Life IS NOT perfect

What if it takes......EVERYONE 4 MONTHS to Get 10 Others to respond to this LIFE CHANGING Business?

4 MONTHS...You would be Earning $35 Monthly
8 MONTHS...You would be Earning $235 Monthly

12 MONTHS...You would be Earning $2,235 Monthly
16 MONTHS...You would be Earning $22,235 Monthly
20 MONTHS...You would be Earning $199,697 Monthly


                   Ready to get started?



Then all you need to do is to click the red "JOIN NOW" button at the bottom of the page.That will take you to the members area, where you will be able to ACTIVATE YOUR MEMBERSHIP by following the steps and links to join Traffic Wave, GDI, Fast Email Leads. This will take you all of about 30 minutes.

If you already have an account with any of the three programs, you cannot use it. Your account must be in our Team, so you will need NEW ACCOUNT.


Now here is the Greatest part of all


Most people who read this page...JOIN our Ultimate Wealth System.

Those who don't cannot see a Great Opportunity that’s staring them in the face.

They’re going to continue to search and search and search. Where else can you have a AUTOMATED SYSTEM that will Make you $22,235 Monthly in FOUR (4) Years or less...?

Those are the same people who are constantly complaining that nothing ever goes their way. You probably know some of them. It isn't a problem for you though, because you can see that this is a No-Brainer and will register....believe me - it doesn’t get any better than this!

Once you JOIN and let The System work for You, it’s almost impossible to FAIL.  WHY? Because you are building a Solid business effortlessly and don’t have to spend all your time doing it because once you have referred your 10 you can back off and let the system run itself!

Whether you are 18 years old, 40 years old, or 65 years old, this System will give you the Success you Deserve.

Yes, it is that easy!

The SECRET is in the SYSTEM.

Your ONE SIMPLE to provide people with THIS SAME REPORT that you are viewing….BY SIMPLY EMAILING YOUR LEADS EACH DAY…



...EXTREMELY HIGH RESPONSE SPEED (results in first few months)
...HUGE PROFIT POTENTIAL (up to $199,697 monthly)
...EASY AND SIMPLE WORK (10 to 30 minutes a day)
...VERY CHEAP TO START. (only $55 monthly)

This is Better than...Your JOB
This is Better than...Playing ANY Lottery
This is Better than...ANY Investment