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Company Wide Team Build
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Discover How you can achieve financial security through a unique Team Build Concept

CAUTION - This information is for people who are looking to make some serious money!

If you are familiar with the typical Team Build then you will understand the challenges that await you whilst you are trying to build your team.

For those that are not familiar with the Team Build idea, then let me give you a brief on how a typical Team Build works.

Essentially when you join a Team Build, the promoters are building teams in a particular program ie Traffic Wave. In any Team Build you first enter into a rotator and then you wait your turn to enter what is called the Hot Seat, where you will receive your promised downline members.

Those members then wait for their turn before they enter their Hot Seat.

At the start of a Team Build, you will most definitely receive your downline in a reasonably short period of time, however as the Team Build matures, it takes longer to rise to the "Hot Seat" and so it is with your downline.

It can certainly take many months before you eventually break even, let alone make a profit.

In the meantime you go through the process of sending traffic to your Team Build rotator, helping to build the Team waiting for your turn to receive your downline.

This often leads to disillusionment by your downline, those furthest away from the "Hot Seat" as they are expending their time and effort without seeing some reasonably quick results. Drop outs and non performance occur especially if your Team Build program calls for a monthly investment.

People have tried to short cut this process by grouping smaller Teams but the trouble with that is that there is not enough traffic coming from a smaller member base to really make it work. That is the fundamental basis on how a Team Build works - lot's of people sending what is really a small amount of traffic to the one link.

Whilst it may seem like a good idea, it simply doesn't work well.

We adopt a different approach to Team Building here at Global Team Build in that.....

We have eliminated all obstacles that make Team Builds unprofitable for the masses!

You are PAID to recruit and expand the TEAM!

People don't drop out because they are making money

....We help you make money, whilst together we build your Team!

Independent of the incomes that our team build programs will supply, is a commission structure that pays you for your participation in our program in both cash and advertising credits that you can use to promote your other programs.

So just by advertising the Team Build link, you will make money!

Global Team Build Commission Structure

Membership Commission Banners and Annual Advert.
Level % Text Fee Rotator
Credits Positions
Free 10 0 $0.00 1
Bronze 25 250,000 $10.00 2
Silver 50 500,000 $20.00 3
Gold 75 1,000,000 $40.00 5

Yes, even free members can earn here and use the commissions earned to upgrade and make even more money.

How our system works

Although you are free to upgrade at anytime, your first step is to decide at what level you wish to participate.

Bronze members receive 25% commission on any one joining through their referral link. So if a member joins at say the Bronze level, you will receive 25% of the joining fee ie $2.50.

If you are at Bronze and you sponsor a Silver member, you will receive 25% of the Silver member joining fee which is $5.00

If you were at the Silver level, then you would receive 50% on any member joining through your affiliate link. Sponsor a Bronze member and that's $5.00. Sponsor a Silver member and that's $10.00. Sponsor a Gold members and that's $20.00

In other words, if you upgrade you will make more money.

Free members cannot take money out of the system, but can use those accumulated commissions to upgrade.

Very simple and very effective and in reality pays you to send traffic to your affiliate link, which will build the Team.

The Team Build Programs

As a team, we are each helping to develop other team members income streams in a structured environment, by building their businesses in the following programs:

1. Decide Your Path - (Potential Income - $1,912,540 plus monthly $30,040)

2. Four Corners Alliance - (Potential Income - $2,799,120 plus monthly $76,026)

3. My Complete Business - Ultra Elite Level - (Potential Income - $100,000 plus)

We have chosen these programs because of their honest admins and their longevity or income potential.

They all have a reasonably priced joining fee ($18 - $22) and are not your typical $1 - $5 cost to join programs as those programs just take too long for you to make any decent money.

Now the big money afforded by our Team Build programs is not going to happen overnight. If you are looking for quick riches, then you will be disappointed, just like you will be with any hyped up program out there in Internet Land.

However the rewards in time will be upwards of $5 million with a monthly income of over $100,000. Now that's not to be sneezed at.

You cannot expect to make this type of money next month or even next year. It will take around 3 - 4 years to accomplish this target...but isn't it worth it!

The Team Build Rotators

Each program has it's own rotator.

When you join, you will find a link in the members area for you to use to join any or all of the Team Build programs.

For each of the Team Build programs that you join you will be placed in that particular rotator and will receive sufficient members to fill up your first level.

We then go about and start filling up your next level by placing members under you.

We build level by level to ensure that you qualify for the maximum remuneration from each program.

Simple and effective but as I stated at the beginning of this page, it is not something that will happen overnight.

All of the programs that we use consist of a one time joining fee. There are no ongoing recurring charges and of course no admin fees.

Corporate Advertising To Assist You Even Further

Every month I send a combination of over 1,000,000 Banner and Text Advertisements that are delivered by Manual Traffic Exchanges, Viral Mailers and other credible Traffic Sources.

These hits are directed towards a common Global Team Build Membership Rotator according to the activity shown by the individual member.

Every upgraded member receives a position in the Rotator based on their membership level and provided they have achieved the minimum traffic quota for the previous month.

Bronze members receive 1 position, Silver 3 positions, Gold 5 positions.

When you receive a new member from the Corporate Advertising, then you will make a commission according to the commission chart mentioned above.

Active participation means even more rewards

We use what I like to term a multiplier effect to greatly enhance your ability to make commissions.

If you are an upgraded member, for each program that you join, your positions in the Global Team Build Membership Rotator (that's the Corporate Advertising), will be increased by a factor of one.

So if you are a bronze member, without joining any programs, you will receive 1 position in the Global Team Build Membership Rotator. However if you join just one of the Team Build programs, then you will receive 1 x 2 = 2 positions in the Global Team Build Membership Rotator.

Join 2 programs you will receive, not your normal 1 position as a Bronze member, but 1 x 3 = 3 positions. Join all three programs and you will receive 1 x 4 = 4 positions.

If you are at the Gold Level and join all of the programs, you will receive 10 positions for the first program, 15 positions for the second program and 20 positions for the third program.

This greatly increases your ability to earn from the program and rewards you suitably for your participation.

The Rules

Every system has its rules and ours are very simple.

1. Join the programs through the link in your members area as you must be in our line of sponsorship to qualify. You do not have to join all the programs at once and you do not have to join each program. If you only want to build a Four Corners business, that's fine. Just join Four Corners through the link in your Global Team Build Members area.

2. Send 500 hits per week, 2,000 per month to your Global Team Build Auto Responder from a credible source. Takes about 15mins per day. We show you how to do that using free advertising sources.

Your Global Team Build Auto Responder is coded with your affiliate link. When someone joins Global Team Build from your affiliate link and they upgrade their membership you will earn commissions, regardless of whether they join you in any of the programs.

In effect, this pays you to build the team.

We even have a training section that will show you how to accomplish this - regardless of whether you are a seasoned marketer or a complete novice, if you put in the effort you can SUCCEED HERE!

Done for you marketing

If time is a problem for you, although the requirements of only 500 hits per week are small and should only take you about 15 mins per day, then we have a Traffic Co-op that you can participate in.

This Co-op will deliver 2,000 hits and 10,000 banner impressions of your affiliate link per month, thus satisfying your monthly hits requirement.

These hits to your affiliate page are from niche targeted USA residents and are guaranteed views of your affiliate pages by real people interested in developing an Online income.

The cost of the Traffic Co-op is only $12.25 per month, which includes processor fees.

We even help you grow your other business ventures

There are generous advertising credits awarded to you according to your membership level.

Use these credits to advertise whatever other business/s you wish to promote through the Global Team Build program.

Our membership includes only those people who are genuinely interested in making money out of the Internet so chances are, if your offer is attractive, they may well come on board and join the business that you are promoting.

What you receive upon joining

Your own back office.
Marketing materials coded with your affiliate links.
An abundance of Text and Banner credits - have your other business promoted on hundreds of sites.
Free URL Rotator.
Free Downline Builder where you can promote your sites to other online users.
Massive advertising resources.
The ability to make endless commissions.
Done for you marketing system including follow up automated email system.
Training Website - even the complete newbie will understand and be shown exactly what to do.
The ability to truly make a very large income.

There is no hype here. No fancy videos, no up sells...just a simple system that will reward those who put in the effort.

Start your journey to financial prosperity, by clicking the join button below.

If you need more information then click the "How It Works" tab at the top of the screen.